Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Date harini sgt best kan.. 11. 1. 11.. aishh.., sgt cantik nombor die..nape la tak jatuh hari sabtu ehehehe.. boleh kitaorg pilih date ni   ;)  ngee..~ ape2, pon lagi 2 weeks lebih je for our wedding day.. and yes! im so happy.. for finally, i found someone that truly loves me and care fore me.. i tak boleh bayangkan hidup tanpa faizal.. he understands me so well.. even kitaorg kenal tak lama... but., the chemistry tu ade.. rase mcm dah kenal bertahun2.. :) 

well... let us pray to Allah and hope for the best.. its gonna be a really great month!!

1 comment:

  1. haip! xde invitation card ke?

    mahu pegi, mahu pegi......heheheheheh :)
    i am happy for you sab...