Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life without Love?

Salam guys..

I overheard a conversation between two friends just now while I was browsing thru my blog. It was an interesting topic they talked about. One of them were saying about her life is so boring! Having no one to share her love with *exclude her families*. But, I was surprised with her friend's statement. She told that she like her life now. Single, working and without anyone to share anything. She lives with her parents. Oh and yes a Cat! But, she seems happy. Well, looks like it. But, let me ask you guys.
Can you really live without love??

There comes a certain point in ones life when, if you don't have a partner/spouse to share your life with then it is possible to feel that you are living a life without love. Your children, if you have had any, may have grown and started their own lives. While they certainly love you, they are not involved in your life on a day to day basis. Other people, who are involved in relationships have their own lives and loves to tend to. It can become a very, very lonely existence when you don't have that someone special in your life.

There are many kinds of love, and the most important is self-love. Until and unless you love yourself, you can't experience much more than pale glimpses of what love, ANY kind of love, is all about. And self-love is a natural part of human existence, so everyone has that ability, although in modern times it's often not easy to develop.

We all experience love of many kinds in our lives. There is also Love for Power, Love for Fame, Love for Money, Love for Parents, Love for whatever you can name. Love is what trigger a person to fight for their goal. I'm not sure it would be possible to NOT experience it, unless there was brain damage. Even the most seriously emotionally traumatized people can still experience love of one kind or there is no love in your life, there is... you just have to learn to recognize it.

There are many types of love and it is up to you to find the answer yourself and make your life worthwhile.

So, moral of the story is... Love yourself first before saying I Love You to others... :)
And one more thing,

"Di antara tanda-tanda kekuasaanNya ialah Dia (Allah) menciptakan pasangan-pasangan (jodoh) bagi kamu dari (makhluk) jenis kamu sendiri, agar kamu cenderung kepadanya dan merasa tenteram dengannya. Kemudian Allah menciptakan rasa kasih sayang di antara kamu. Sesungguhnya dalam hal itu terdapat tanda-tanda kekuasaanNya bagi orang-orang yang berfikir."
:: surah Ar-Rum ayat 21 ::

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