Friday, December 3, 2010

::.. Super GT @ Sepang (20 June 2010) ..::

Salam people~ ....

guest what..! i went to Super GT with him... our 2nd date *first date 19 June gi OU tgk wayang citer Prince of Persia heheheheh* ... i tak nak celoteh banyak...just enjoy some pictures from us ok! :)  

my fav picture ;)

him again ehehehe...

pick one!!!!!

admiring the view..~~

one eyed!!

phewww..... wish i can have one like that!

our first picture together!! :)  <3  20 June 2010!


berangan ni nak dpt motor ni

aaaaawwww........ can u see what i see????

thats all... ade banyak lagi.. tapi yang ni pon cukup laaa heheehehe....

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