Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday dear Hubby!!

"Allah Selamatkan Kamu....
Allah Selamatkan Kamu....
Allah Selamatkan Faizal Ishak...
Allah Selamatkan Kamu...."

Pada 2 June 2011 genaplah suami tercinta berumur 30 tahun. Wah dah '3 Series' hehehe. Tapi, sayang tetap maintan muda. Badan je dah naik huhuh. So, haritu kitaorg gi lah jalan-jalan. Kitaorg gi makan kat Fig & Olive, Sunway Piramid. First time makan situ. Kedai simple jek. Tak ramai orang and service cepat! And kitaorg makan berdua only RM76! Murah untuk makanan yang banyak and sangat sedaappp!!!!

Sab tak sempat nak belikan hubby present. Sebab masa suntuk. Lagi-lagi, sab gi office jai hantar. So tengahari tu patah kaki laaaah. Nak beli malam tu lepas makan, tapi kedai dah tutup. *uhuk uhuk* So sab postponed lah nak beli present tuh. Dah lah the next day kitaorg satu family gi Kuantan sampai ahad. So tak beli-beli laah ni sampai sekarang. Sian sayang saya.

"Sayang..., happy 30th birthday! Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki. Dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik sentiasa. And, sayang dapat membimbing isterimu ini dan anak kita nanti. I Love You so much! Mwwwaaaahhhxxxxxxx!!!!"  


Birthday Boy ;)
His! Olive Grill Lamb
Mine! Chicken Pesto Carbonara 
Baked Potato with Turkey Slice & Melted Cheese
oh ya, ada salad with thousand island on the side


  1. muehehehe..mst k0 xpenah smbut besday laki lame k0 kan?maklumleeee laki kaki clubbing.malu gamaknyewww...muehehee

  2. well, that was one of the issues before. u see, Allah gave us Mind to think and yeah, i was stupid back thn for not thinking straight and based on Islamic tenets. So, now ive grown up and learned from my mistakes and here i am, happy and blessed with my husband and our coming baby :)

    So, don't u ever think that im gonna delete any of your ridiculous comments. i take is as... ermm a morning joke :) because im here laughing my ass out, and u out there busting your mind to think of new ways to degrade my dignity. but to think of it, it is you who are degrading your own self. i pitty u my friend.

    so here is one suitable quote for you:

    "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm us."

    Thanks for the comment tho. And always remember, what goes around comes around. I always believe in karma. Or we Muslims call it, "Pembalasan dari Allah SWT". i bet u already know IF u are a Muslim.