Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Swan

As Salam & good morning guys..

haish mengantuk nya hari ni, sian hari ni hubby drive sorang2 sbb sab tido dlm kete dari keluar rumah saaammpaaii lah kat opis huhuh :p  45minit ok! ngantuk sgt tak tahan dah mata.. mungkin sbb smlm kitaorg tgk movie kat sunway piramid.. kitaorg tgk citer Black Swan yg Natalie Portman belakon tuh.. in fact, dia menang Oscar utk Best Actress.. seriously, memang her act was awesome.. natalie portman was a ballet dancer masa dia kecik2 dulu until dia 13.. so now diaorg use her upper body je.. and utk long short diaorg pakai professional dancer.. huhu..

this is what the proffesional dancers says :

"Black Swan opens with a sweeping, close-range shot of Portman’s character dancing in the spotlight. It’s a long, rotating shot that captures her motions and movements, cutting between her upper body and legs. Portman, along with co-star Kunis, reportedly trained for six months before shooting, learning their moves, and shaping their bodies into a dancer’s form. To a layperson, it seems as if she’s followed Pavlova’s advice — mastering techniques and looking natural. While Aronofsky used dance doubles for the wide shots — American Ballet Theatre soloists Sarah Lane and Maria Riccetto — Portman gets thumbs up for her technique..."  

“She looked like a dancer, and there wasn’t one split second where I thought she didn’t understand what was behind the intention. I’m sure that took a lot of work. I’d like to compliment her for what she went through to look like a dancer and understand the nuances behind what she was doing “


cerita it self memang best! sab bagi 10/10!! and rase macam nak tgk lagi jek huhuh.. cerita dia agak scary.. bukan cerita hantu, tp psl Natalie Portman ni terlalu obses nak pegang watak Queen of Swan sampai dia jadi psycho huh!! cerita dia mmg thrill... sab tkmo tulis panjang2 mcm buat sinopsis lak,..nnt korunk tgk tak suprise lah..

happy watching guys!~ :)

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